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KDOL Livingston Texas Radio (My Soap Box)
 admin 02/12/14 13:03:32 comments 0


Everyone knows that Livingston Texas has another station n town. KDOL 96.1 . That station claims it's a country station (and at one point was). Now, all they play is 50's music, rap and alot of the odd music that isnt on todays radio. I do know they currently report to the country charts. Music Row country breakout chart is one of the ones they report to. But fact is, they do not play the music they report. Usually that wouldnt matter to me.. It's not really any of my business. Paper spins are common with chart reporting. I'm not sure why they would claim to play something other than attempting to get advertising dollars from the bands. I do know of one band that did pay $100 for a commercial on that station so they could get their spins reported to the charts. Either way that doesnt matter.. The point is, this all starting to get aggrivating as it is interfereing with KXAX operations, since we are the only station in the country format here in Livingston Texas.

After dealing with this mess, I have decided I don't want no part of a system that promotes activities such as this. I mean, if you are relying on Fake spins to have a song on the charts.. Then does that song really deserve the praise and attention. And honestly what does that say about the artist as a person? It makes me think the artists is purposely deceiving the fans. To be honest, this situation in whole has lead me to wanting to change my format entirely. I will leave that desicion to the businesses that support KXAX. If we change, it will be announced on March 1rst.  If KXAX does stay with the country format. We will now only play major artists with the exception of 5 independents each week only. I don't think i should be playing a song from an artist that is knowingly abusing the system & overall deceiving the fans.

I figured i would prove it by recording KDOL 96.1 for my personal use each evening. I wanted to record then go back and listen each day to see if they were in fact a station in the same format. What i heard on each recordings were songs from 50's, 60's.. some mexican rancheros.. 80's pop. I record each evening and also during morning hours & midday. It seems to be the same at any point.. A wide range of music that isnt even in the same format.

Here are some links where you can hear for yourself. Here is a recording from Feb 11th 2014. This one is over 2 hours of KDOL-LP 96.1 . What i thought was particular interesting was at the 2:11 mark. Skip to the end around 2:11 and you should hear a little bit of Mexican Rancheros. http://www.hgnmusic.com/kdol%202-11-14%207-50%20pm.mp3  

Here is another variuos recording done on the 7th. I have a ton of these. So if anyone wants to hear more just let me know.



Lets hear your thoughts on all of this.

 MatthewHuff 08/29/13 14:28:22 comments 0


Want to welcome you to my page.  Feel free to surf around my website at www.matthewhuffofficial.com

I've got lots going on through the beginning of November ending up in the UK. 


I look forward to talking a little music shop with you!


Matthew Huff


Jim Graw & Graw INC
 admin 02/15/13 12:08:17 comments 0


The following statements below are my opinions and my opinions only. I do not speak for anyone other than myself. And I do not speak about anything I haven’t had first-hand encounters with. The things I speak about are facts and never a speculation.


Add another scam artist to the list of fly by night people who pop up and decide they want to be in music but have no ideal how it works. This Jim Graw is the newest addition. Now i know the name i have seen his name for the last year affiliated mostly with those artists that you never see charting or selling cd's..The ones that most never know about. Now that’s not their fault. I’m sure they have great potential but it is proven in this industry you can only go as far as your team can take you. And that’s the case with people like Mr Graw and (another we have previously experienced) Mandy Moore with SynchronicityPR.


These are the people who just one day decide they want to be in music. No college, no classes, no radio experience. They just decide they are agents. Nice ideal but it doesn’t work like that!


Now i do not speak negative about a man or a business unless i have seen first-hand experiences. With Mandy Moore & Synchronicity PR it was the 3 months we hired them to work with The Coleman Brothers. After hiring her, We noticed she used us as a tool to get other bands we know. I can count 5 more bands that were victim. Friends of mine.. and people i know who had to take food off their kids plates to pay these people for absolutely nothing. Besides that they caused us to lose a lot of connections.


Now my problem with Mr Graw is.. I don’t personally know this man. Don’t care to. I know if the music world worked on a social scale he would be on the bottom. A bottom feeder we call it. One of those who will target anyone... no matter if they have good music or not.. And take their money.



I got a call from this man today threatening me over an artist who i have represented for more than 3 months. Now when asked my opinion of Mr Graw  by others.. i said that Mr Graw wasn’t very good but i didn’t think he would hurt anything either. Until i learned he worked with Mandy Moore.. that says a lot about his character. But it takes a team to work an artist and i don’t care who my artist work with as long as we are the best and we are all working together. And the goals are similar (focus on the artist not lining our pockets).


The call i got from Mr Graw was threatening. Him loud telling me i would hear from his lawyers (for some crazy nonexistent reason). Wow! How unprofessional. I offered to meet Mr Graw in person to discuss this at CRS in 2 weeks. I will be looking out for him to sit down and find out what exactly it is that’s bothering him.


That makes me think he is not worried about getting the artist exposure. And all working together to make something happen for this band. But he seems challenged that someone else is there and that is taking money from his pocket bottom line. But here is the thing Mr Graw and others like you.. I do this because i love what i do. And i will always be classified with the best in the business because of that. It’s not about money. When i work with artist i don't mind taking money out of my pocket to cover expenses for them to make things happen. Because in the long run it’s about making the artist succeed. See Mr Graw who cares about the money.. I have 3 other businesses.. And I am doing well for myself. You will never catch me taking food off of an artist’s dinner table to satisfy my own pockets.


But i plan on handling this professionally. Of course because my goal is to be the best in the business.. I have vowed never to work with an artist who i thought wouldn’t go to the top. Never mislead an artist. Never promise anything in this business. And never give in to drama. It takes time away from focusing on a mutual goal we should all have.


Just a heads up to all 400 bands that are on this site. This is another agency to run away from Graw INc. Jim Graw. When they come your way it is your choice.. But you have heard my story.


Again this is my personal opinion. You should always check facts and not hear say. Research companies on your own and check the success of those clients they have and have previously had. Always make it a point to contact each client to hear their opinions.

AND.. This still stands... anyone who has stories good or bad with agencies they have dealt with in music. Please share on this site. Let’s build a directory of reviews to help out the next guy when he decides to hire that Publicist or Radio Promoter etc.


Dion Pride Releases “Might As Well Be Me” To Radio
 admin 02/11/13 16:41:34 comments 0

Dion Pride Releases “Might As Well Be Me” To Radio

Dion Pride Releases “Might As Well Be Me” To Radio

For Immediate Release

Feb 5th 2013 Dallas TX - Dion Pride is the son of legendary Country Music Hall of Famer, Charley Pride. For years he has toured and opened for his father, also playing in his father’s band.  His song writing talent has reached albums like Charley Pride’s 2011 release “Choices” with a track titled “I Miss My Home”. Which is also a song sang together by both son and father while on tour.

Dion played lead guitar for his father, and entertained our troops on USO tours in Panama, Honduras, Guantanamo Bay and the island of Antigua. He has sung and performed for audiences around the world in countries like England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada and all the continental United States, entertaining crowds of 10,000 or more. Country legend Charley Pride made this statement in his interview with The Boot in 2011 "He's been opening for me," says Charley. "He opened for me in Canada and in Ireland and he gets a standing ovation."

Dion Pride recently started focusing on his solo career in Country Music.  While performing alongside of some of country music’s greatest musician’s, Dion decided to introduce the world to the next musical generation of the Pride family.

With 3 albums under his belt. Dion has received notable airplay in 2009 with his single titled “We All Gotta Live Here”. This charted on Music Row and reached number 1 on several charts including New Music Weekly.  A Launch on digital distribution services is planned this spring.

2013 seems to be a great year for this talented singer songwriter. Dion has released “Might As Well Be Me” to radio. Radio has taken on to the single quickly. In just 60 days the track has reached number 1 on charts like Roots and Cashbox.

Dion Pride is currently playing shows in the Dallas area and working on a 2013 nationwide schedule. His full schedule is listed on his website. You can catch more from this artist on his upcoming interview with NBC news channel 6 in Wichita Falls Texas on February 22nd at noon.


You can find more information about Dion Pride at his website www.dionpride.com

For more Information contact:

Jason Mclelland

HGN Entertainment




Thank You!!!
 srader27 01/27/13 15:54:26 comments 0

Thank You!!!

I love this Website. What an Amazing Place For finding amazing Artist and Musicians! Thank you so much Homegrown Nation for What you do. 

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